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Lichen simplex chronicus

Lichenil is the first triple-action therapy that targets the root cause of lichen simplex chronicus by addressing the underlying immune system’s attack on your skin:

    • Quickly relieves the itching and calms your skin irritation
    • Breaks the cycle of chronic skin inflammation and skin damage
    • Gets rid of thickened plaques and heals deeper skin injuries
    • Prevents scarring and reverses skin discoloration
    • Returns your skin’s appearance back to normal
    • Reestablishes your skin’s protective moisture barrier
    • Keeps you in long-term remission without any new flare-ups
    • Provides strong antioxidant protection to your skin
    • See before/after pictures of how well the therapy works
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Treats your problem both from the inside and outside at the same time

  • Does not cause dependency or side-effects like steroid creams
  • Works on all parts of your body including your face, neck, scalp, inner elbows, genitals (vulva, penile skin, scrotum), buttocks, anus, arms, legs, ankles and back.

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Lichen Simplex Chronicus is a poorly treated and poorly diagnosed problem with many long-term side effects

Much of medical literature describes lichen simplex chronicus simply as a non-contagious, non-life-threatening skin disorder that is characterized by the repeated itching and thickening of the skin. However, what is usually left out is how significantly this condition lowers the sufferer’s quality of life and the dangers it poses to your overall health.

From having to visit several doctors to confirm your diagnosis, to trying all sorts of treatments that barely work, the sufferer often has to endure unnecessary and prolonged pain. The truth is, our current medical approach to treating lichen simplex chronicus simply fails to provide adequate and long-term relief.

That’s because despite new breakthroughs in our understanding of lichen simplex chronicus, we continue to treat it the way we always have – with medications such as steroids that actually worsen your condition in the long run.

Fortunately, lichen simplex chronicus is one of the few conditions where you, the sufferer, can take complete control of your problem and treat it effectively on your own by targeting its root causes.

So, let’s take a look at what the latest research has to say about why lichen simplex chronicus happens and what you can do to effectively cure it at home.

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Lichen Simplex Chronicus

What is Lichen Simplex Chronicus?

Imagine having the constant and intense urge to itch a particular part of
your skin because it is irritated and finding temporary relief when you scratch
it. You are bound to continue itching that part of your body.

However, what this repeated scratching and rubbing of your skin leads to
is something known as lichenification – which is a thickening, hardening
and darkening of your skin that makes it look leathery.

During lichen simplex chronicus this feeling of itchiness is usually constant
and keeps coming back, trapping you in a vicious cycle of skin irritation and
skin damage. As you’re about to see, the only way to break the cycle is to
attack the problem on multiple fronts.

What are the symptoms of Lichen Simplex Chronicus?

There are 5 main hallmarks of lichen simplex chronicus…

  • Itching that is severe, lasts a long time and gets worse when you’re stressed
  • Skin that is raw or sore
  • Leathery skin
  • Scaling, flaking or peeling of the skin
  • A patch or plaque on your skin that looks dry, thickened and has a rough texture

The 5 stages of Lichen simplex chronicus

Lichen simplex chronicus progresses in 5 stages and the key to successfully treating it is to attack the problem at each stage:


An initial trigger sets-off an immune system attack on your skin

For you to develop lichen simplex chronicus, something first needs to initiate the process
of inflammation in your skin. This initial trigger can be either of two things…
  • It can be environmental – Such as an allergen, repeated scratching (because of nervousness) or even something as simple as your clothes rubbing against your skin.
  • It can be biologica – For example, having eczema or psoriasis can often trigger persistent itching leading to lichenification.

The important thing to note here is that there is one common factor behind both these kinds of triggers

An over-sensitive immune system

In other words, the immune system in lichen simplex chronicus sufferers tends to react to things that
might not trigger an inflammatory response in other individuals.


The immune system over-reacts and causes aggressive skin inflammation

The skin irritation experienced during lichen simplex chronicus is usually very intense and long-lasting. That’s because the immune system’s response in lichen simplex chronicus sufferers tends to be much more aggressive than normal. This is why the discomfort feels so unbearable and why the urge to itch the irritated lesions is so strong.


Itching or scratching the irritated region of your skin causes more inflammation

By this stage not only is the immune system attacking your skin, the inflammation is severe enough to urge the sufferer to keep scratching the irritated area. Unfortunately, the scratching itself now becomes the new trigger for the continued activation of an immune response and its aggressive attack on the skin.


The prolonged scratching and inflammation leads to lichenification of the skin

The repeated scratching of irritated skin causes it to respond by thickening its top layer as a defense mechanism. In addition, the continuous injury from the itching tends to cause scar tissue development in the affected area. Finally, prolonged inflammation in your skin can also damage your pigment producing melanocytes, causing permanent discoloration.


The lichenification of your skin leads to even more irritation,
stress and scratching

Once you’ve reached this stage, you are essentially in the middle of a full-blown flareup. Your skin is severely injured to the point where it now looks disfigured and leathery. Unfortunately, this is also the point where your skin is experiencing extreme irritation and you are more likely to keep the irritation going by itching the affected lesion.

Notice how by the last stage you begin a downward spiral where your itch keeps getting worse
because you’re experiencing more skin inflammation and your skin inflammation gets worse
because you’re itching more.

The 7 biggest dangers Lichen simplex chronicus

Lichen simplex chronicus may just be a skin condition but it is far from harmless and it has the capacity to devastate the sufferer’s life long term. Here are 7 dangers that every sufferer should be aware of…

Danger #1

Lichen simplex chronicus traps you in a cycle of ever-worsening pain and injury

A look at the 5 stages of lichen simplex chronicus shows how a trigger is necessary to get the process of skin inflammation going. However, by the time your condition enters stage 5, it no longer matters what initially triggered your immune system to initiate its aggressive attack on your skin. That’s because the itching itself becomes the new trigger that fuels your condition’s progress.

Even worse, we know that the longer the condition persists, the more stress the sufferer endures. Research now shows that the increased stress itself begins to propel the disease forward.

Danger #2

The prolonged stress can lead to anxiety, depression and lower quality of life

The evidence is clear – lichen simplex chronicus is a long-term skin disorder that can last decades if not a lifetime. As this condition progresses, it puts the sufferer under extreme stress. Not only can this stress affect your work, social life and relationships, in the long run it can also lead to the development of anxiety and depression.

Imagine adding this huge burden to the already severe discomfort the sufferer feels in their day-to-day life. Its easy to see how this condition can significantly lower one’s quality of life to the extent that equals much more serious diseases.

Danger #3

The condition takes over more and more of your life with time

One of the most disturbing characteristics of lichen simplex chronicus is that not only does it strike at the prime of your life, it gets worse, the longer you have it. That means flareups become more common, more severe and last longer over time.

This also means even if your condition is  currently tolerable, its ability to disrupt your physical and mental wellbeing will only grow into the future.

Danger #4

It causes increasing disfigurement, affecting your self-esteem and social life

Along with the constant skin irritation and itching, another classic sign of lichen simplex chronicus is the leathery lesion it leaves behind. Studies show that once a part of your skin is lichenified, there is a much higher chance of the lesion becoming permanently scarred and discolored.

While this may not be bothersome if the lesion is in a part of your body that is not readily visible, it is important to keep in mind that lichen simplex chronicus has the tendency to move to new regions of the body leaving behind extremely disfiguring lesions.

This can have a significant impact on your self-image and how others interact with you in social situations.

Danger #5

You are more likely to develop bacterial and fungal skin infections

When you’re in the middle of a flareup, your skin loses its ability to defend itself against microbes. Not only does the tough epidermal barrier become disrupted, the affected part of your skin loses its critical moisture barrier that is essential at keeping harmful microbes at bay.

This can allow bacteria and fungi to take a foothold deep within your skin causing infections, further complicating your condition and worsening your symptoms. Furthermore, the main treatment for lichen simplex chronicus – steroid creams themselves are known to increase your risk of developing both fungal and bacterial infections along with making these infections worse once they get started.

Danger #6

It can affect your sleep and increase your risk of developing other serious diseases

One of the known features of lichen simplex chronicus is that the itching gets worse during periods of inactivity, especially at night when you’re in bed. This can cause you to experience more irritation and itching while you sleep. The relentless itching and scratching can interrupt your sleep several times during the night and affect your productivity the next day.

However, the long-term effects of poor sleep caused by repeated and long-lasting lichen simplex chronicus flareups are far worse. Research shows that long-term sleep disruptions are linked to higher rates of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer.

Danger #7

It can increase your chances of developing two specific types of cancers

Recent evidence shows that lichen simplex chronicus lesions can undergo a malignant transformation and turn into squamous cell carcinoma and verrucous carcinoma. While verrucous carcinoma tends to affect the genitals, mouth and feet, squamous cell carcinoma can affect any part of your skin.

This is why it is important to look for any suspicious changes in your lesions and to have them looked at by a doctor right away. This also underlines the importance of providing your skin with strong antioxidant protection as part of your treatment.

Why steroid creams don’t provide long-term relief

Steroid creams are currently the main treatment for lichen simplex chronicus, however
there are many major issues with them that are not emphasized enough to the sufferer.

As serious as diverticulitis is, there are a few easy steps you can take at home to make sure your problem is properly treated.

Here are 6 reasons why relying on steroids (oral or topical) can backfire when
treating lichen simplex chronicus…
Reasons 1

They can cause hormonal imbalances and lower your stress response

When steroid creams are applied to normal skin, a certain amount of it penetrates the dermis and makes it into your blood stream. It is important to note that steroid creams contain substances that are similar to the hormones made by our adrenal gland. Increasing the amount of these steroids in our body can lead to reduced adrenal function. Note that our adrenal gland is critical for our body’s stress response and decreasing its function can lead to brain fog, low energy, depressed mood and a reduced ability to fight infections.

Lichen simplex chronicus sufferers are especially at risk of these side effects because their condition disrupts the barrier function of the skin which allows much more of the steroids to enter the blood stream.

Reasons 2

They delay the healing process of your skin

By the time you are in the middle of a lichen simplex chronicus flareup, your irritated skin has experienced a certain amount of injury from the immune system’s attack on it and from the constant itching. While steroid creams do help lower the inflammation in your skin, they also slow down its healing process.

Steroid creams are known to interfere with fibroblast proliferation, collagen synthesis, wound contraction and epithelialization.
This means that though they may ease the irritation, they will prolong the time it takes your skin to return to normal.

Reasons 3

They leave your skin more vulnerable to the next flareup

Topical steroids are only meant to be very short-term treatments and yet we rely on it to treat a long-term problem like lichen simplex chronicus. One of the known side-effects of topical steroid use is that they cause dependency which forces your skin to rely on them to stay in a non-irritated state.

Once your skin has gotten dependent on regular steroid cream applications, interrupting its use can itself lead to something known as rebounding, where your symptoms come roaring back as soon as you stop applying the cream.

steroid creams also disrupt the integrity of your epidermal barrier. This combined with the fact that they cause dependence, essentially means that each time you use steroid creams to relieve your skin irritation, you also leave your skin more vulnerable to the next flareup.

Reasons 4

They worsen the long-term risks of lichen simplex chronicus

Let’s consider some of the complications of lichen simplex chronicus – they include permanent scarring and skin discoloration. Any good lichen simplex chronicus treatment should not only help avoid these things but reverse them if possible.

However, steroid creams are known to further increase the risk of these complications because they themselves are known to cause stretch marks and skin discoloration in the treated area. In other words, they can add to the disfigurement caused by your condition.

Reasons 5

They thin your skin while they reduce your skin inflammation

It’s true, as your lichen simplex chronicus flareup progresses, your skin is more likely to develop thick, leathery plaques and as part of your treatment you definitely want to thin your skin to return it back to normal. It’s even true that steroid creams do also thin your skin while reducing the inflammation.

However, you don’t want to do both these things at the same time. Ideally, a good treatment should first lower your skin inflammation and end the flareup and only then start the process of thinning your plaques. By prematurely thinning your skin in the middle of an acute episode, you risk further aggravating your condition and prolonging your flareups.

Reasons 6

They treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause

6)Remember, lichen simplex chronicus is an immune system problem and not just a skin problem. It is caused by an over-sensitive and overactive immune system that repeatedly attacks the skin. By using steroid creams to treat your condition, you only temporarily cover up your superficial symptoms and the problem returns as soon as the treatment is interrupted.

The only way to find complete and long-lasting relief from lichen simplex chronicus is to target the condition both at the skin level and the immune system level.

As you can see, the key to quickly and permanently curing lichen simplex chronicus
is to take a broad approach that treats the problem on many fronts. So next, let’s take
a look at what it takes to successfully overcome this stubborn and devastating condition.

The 14 Critical Goals For Effective Lichen Simplex Chronicus Treatment

Lichen simplex chronicus is a complex problem that needs a multipronged approach to
treat it successfully. Here are 14 crucial things you should look for in your lichen simplex
chronicus treatment
to find immediate and long-lasting relief from it:

Your treatment should calm your immune system and stop its attack from the inside

Lichen simplex chronicus is primarily a condition of an over-sensitive and overactive immune system that constantly and aggressively attacks your skin almost like an autoimmune disease. That’s why one of the primary targets of your therapy should be to prevent the immune system from getting unnecessarily activated and to avoid an overblown immune response.

It should also reduce the inflammatory process in your skin from the outside

Aside from toning down the hyperactivity of your immune system on the inside, it is critical that you supply your skin with substances that reduce the inflammatory response directly at the site of the irritation.

It should immediately take away the urge to itch

A good treatment should soothe the uncomfortable sensations that arise from your skin irritation by calming your skin. This is one of the best ways to stop your flareups from spiraling out of control.

It should reduce your stress levels quickly and safely

Once again, it is important that your therapy work from the inside and address one of the key elements of flareup progression. Reducing stress has shown to be quite effective at controlling lichen simplex chronicus symptoms and curbing the duration of your flareups.

It should heal your irritated and injured epidermis

Whether it’s the inflammation caused by your immune system or from incessant scratching, the damage caused to your epidermis during flareups can trap you in a vicious cycle of increasing irritation and compounding injury. It is critical that your treatment to quickly heal these dermal injuries so that your skin can return to normal appearance and function quickly.

It should reestablish your skin’s protective moisture barrier

The moisture barrier of our skin is vital to maintaining its integrity and to keeping harmful pathogens away. A good treatment should restore this important barrier so that no new external irritants trigger a new round of flareups.

It should protect your skin against opportunistic bacterial and fungal infections

Once your skin is dry and damaged from a flareup, harmful pathogens that are always present on our skin can gain a foothold and cause an infection. An good therapy should have antibacterial and antifungal activity to prevent this common complication of lichen simplex chronicus.

It should repair and remodel the elastin and collagen framework deep within your skin

Lichen simplex chronicus can not only leave your skin with permanent damage, the long periods of dermal inflammation can also prematurely age your skin. This is why it is important for your treatment to target your dermis (middle layer of your skin) and repair any damage to the collagen and elastic support structure that gives your skin its healthy, youthful appearance.

It should prevent and get rid of any scar tissue that may have formed as a result of your flareups

The process of lichenification is also a fibrogenic process. In other words, it leads to the development of scars in the effected region of your skin. A good therapy should counter this process and ensure that your skin returns to normal without any permanent indentations.

It should prevent and reverse any skin discoloration that may have resulted from your flareups

Another complication of lichen simplex chronicus is damage to the melanocytes in our skin which can lead to discoloration. It is important to make sure that your treatment protect these pigment producing cells from damage during flareups so that your skin tone remains even after your flareup ends.

It should provide your skin with strong antioxidant protection

One of the most disturbing findings to come out of recent research is the fact that lichen simplex chronicus lesions can undergo malignant transformations and turn cancerous. That’s why it is important to guard your skin cells by providing them with anti-cancer protection.

It should not only thin your thickened plaques but also give you control over when to heal and when to peel your skin

Take steroids for instance. They thin your skin at the same time as reducing the inflammation in it. The problem with thinning your skin during a flareup is that it can allow the skin to be easily irritated and can prolong your flareup. Instead, your treatment should allow you to first end your flareup and only then begin the process of removing your plaques.

It should not only stop new flareups in the earliest stages, it should also prevent new flareups from happening

A good treatment should be proactive rather than reactive. In other words, you should be able to use it during times of remission to constantly keep the flareups at bay. And when the condition does happen to flareup, it should limit its potency and shorten its duration so that the discomfort and damage is limited.

The treatment should not have any long-term side effects

Lichen simplex chronicus is a chronic condition and so any treatment you use should be evaluated based on its long-term effects on your body. An ideal treatment should offer you ongoing protection against this unrelenting condition without sacrificing the safety of your health.

Now, this may seem like a long list of requirements but the persistent and complex nature of lichen simplex chronicus requires that you address all these issues simultaneously. Missing any single one of these things can leave the door open for the condition to make its way back and to disrupt your life.

How one can accomplish all these treatment goals at the same time?


The only triple-action therapy that addresses all 14 critical goals for complete lichen simplex chronicus relief

How The Lichenil Therapy Works

Lichenil is the first therapy specifically developed with lichen simplex chronicus in mind. It
takes a comprehensive treatment approach that leaves nothing out and addresses every
single one of the 14 critical goals for effective lichen simplex chronicus relief.

The therapy comes with 3 individual products:

The Immune Calming Tea

Healing Gel

Peeling Gel

Here’s how all three of these products combine to address all 14 critical goals of lichen simplex chronicus treatment:


Lichenil helps calm your immune system and stop its attack from the inside

The Lichenil therapy includes an Immune System Calming tea that works by downregulating an overactive immune system and
rebalancing it. It accomplishes this task through multiple pathways. For example, the Rehmannia in the tea helps block the release of histamines while Boswellia boosts Th2 cytokines while simultaneously inhibiting Th1 cytokines and Reishi Mushroom helps curb immune system oversensitivity by blocking TNF-alpha.


It helps reduce the inflammatory process in your skin from the outside

The Lichenil Healing Gel contains ingredients such as Quercetin that penetrate the dermal tissue and counter the immune system’s allergen response by locally blocking the release of histamines. In addition, the Healing Gel also contains three separate anti-inflammatory ingredients that go to work as soon as you apply the product to your irritated lesions.


It quickly takes away the urge to itch

Gel and Boswellia Serrata Extract in the Lichenil Healing Gel. The Hops in the Healing Gel also help ease the pain and irritation by inhibiting Cox-2 and blocking kinases associated with the NFkB signaling pathway. These ingredients work together to soothe the irritation to a great extent, giving you long-lasting relief from the otherwise constant need to scratch your already sensitive skin.


It helps reduce your stress levels quickly and safely

The Immune System Calming tea includes stress reducing ingredients such as Rooibos and Ashwagandha. It also includes Lavender which helps calm you by blocking serotonin 1A receptor activity and inhibiting GABA in the amygdala. Finally, the Passionflower in this tea blend not only exerts anti-anxiety effects but also helps the quality of your sleep which can go long way towards improve your LSC-induced stress.


It heals your irritated and injured epidermis

As the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the therapy help ease the irritation and damage to your skin during flareups, other ingredients such as Retinaldehyde repair any deep dermal injuries by boosting cellular turnover.


It helps reestablish your skin’s protective moisture barrier

Ingredients such as Jojoba Oil not only establish a moisturizing barrier on your skin that is similar to your natural sebum, substances such as Manuka Honey help reinforce this barrier and act like liquid occlusion to keep the healing compounds in while keeping skin irritants out.


It helps protect your skin against opportunistic bacterial and fungal infections

The Lichenil Healing Gel contains several antimicrobial ingredients such as Oregano Oil and and Apple Cider Vinegar that guard your skin against pathogenic threats your skin is vulnerable to during lichen simplex chronicus flareups.


It repairs and remodels the elastin and collagen framework deep within your skin

The Lichenil Healing Gel accomplishes this through three particular ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Boswellia Serrata. Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in regenerating your damaged tissue by boosting your skin’s collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C and Boswellia Serrata work as adjuncts to support this function and improve both the elasticity and firmness of your skin.


It prevents and helps treat scar tissue that may have formed as a result of your flareups

While keeping the inflammation down goes a long way towards preventing dermal scarring, one ingredient in particular –Retinaldehyde plays a critical role in keeping your skin scar-free. Not only does Retinaldehyde work deep under the surface to boost healthy collagen to replace the damaged collagen from scar tissue, it goes on to also improve the skin texture to further reduce the appearance of any scars.


It prevents and reverses skin discoloration that may have resulted from your flareups

The Vitamin C in the Healing Gel helps reduce skin hyperpigmentation that is common post-flareups. The Retinaldehyde further supports this function by preventing melanocyte overactivity (helps with hyperpigmentation) and improving melanocyte migration (helps with hypopigmentation).


It provides your skin with strong antioxidant protection

This was one of the primary therapeutic goals of the Lichenil therapy. Since there is research to support that Lichen Simplex Chronicus lesions can malignantly transform into skin cancer, there are 5 separate ingredients that exert potent antioxidant activity on your skin both from the inside and outside. Let’s take just two ingredients for example – Rooibos in the Immune System Calming Tea that boosts your glutathione (your body’s most important antioxidant) and Quercetin in the Healing Gel that guards your skin cell DNA from UV induced damage.


It should not only thin your thickened plaques but also give you control over when to heal and when to peel your skin

This is exactly why Lichenil is offered as a Triple Action Therapy. One of the biggest drawbacks of steroid creams is that they thin your skin while you’re trying to ease your flareup. Ideally, you should be able to first clear your flareup and then remove any plaques that may be present.

Not only does the Lichenil Healing Gel help prevent the formation of plaques, the Peeling Gel helps your remove any plaques that may have formed and restore the normal appearance of your skin. Aside from containing plaque-thinning compounds such as Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid, the Peeling Gel also includes additional ingredients to ensure that your skin remains calm during the whole process, so you don’t rebound into another flareup.


It should not only stop new flareups in the earliest stages, it should also prevent new flareups from happening

The Lichenil therapy is not just designed to end your flareups, it’s intended to keep you in remission long term. When taken during flareups, the Immune System Calming Tea restores your immune system balance so that you can quickly go into remission and when the same tea is taken during remission, it constantly prevents your immune system from initiating a new flareup.

And say if you do somehow happen to find yourself in the middle of a flareup? Then you can quickly reach for The Healing Gel to immediately ease the inflammation and cut your flareup short in the earliest stages.


The treatment should not have any long-term side effects

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Lichenil therapy is that it accomplishes all its therapeutic goals without causing any side effects. It is a long-term solution to a long-term problem which allows you to keep your condition under tight control without having to suffer from the agony that comes with it lichen simplex chronicus.

As you can see, the Lichenil therapy is so comprehensive that it gives you the most powerful defense against what is an unrelenting, painful and potentially dangerous condition. Now that we’ve seen what the Lichenil therapy is able to accomplish, next let’s take a look at how it accomplishes all these things…

Clinically Proven Ingredients

The reason behind the amazing effectiveness of Lichenil are the remarkable ingredients in each of the 3 products that are part of this therapy. Each ingredient plays a specific role in treating a particular aspect of lichen simplex chronicus and together they offer benefits that no other therapy can match.

The Immune System Calming Tea

Rebalances your immune system, lowers stress, reduces inflammation and provides antioxidant protection from the insiden


Clinical evidence shows that this herb can restraint an overactive immune system. It also dampens the allergen response of your body by reducing the release of histamines caused by the activity TNF-alpha exerts on mast cells.


This ingredient not only inhibits Th1 cytokines, it also promoted Th2 cytokines which has the effect of reversing the proinflammatory Th1 and Th2 imbalance.


Has body-wide relaxing and calming properties which is believed to work by blocking serotonin 1A receptor activity and inhibiting GABA in the amygdala. Both these things combined has the effect of reducing anxiety, nervousness, stress and tiredness.

Reishi Mushroom

As an amphoteric, this ingredient was chosen because
of its ability to downregulate an over-sensitive immune
system by blocking TNF-alpha. Active ingredients such
as steroidal saponin glucosides and polysaccharides
help reduce inflammation by acting on the
hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis.


Its powerful anxiolytic activity combined with
its ability to improve your sleep quality and
reduce inflammation makes it the perfect
herb for limiting the effects of lichen simplex
chronicus flareups.


Chronic stress from lichen simplex chronicus flareups
can lead to adrenal exhaustion. Ashwagandha not
only prevents this from happening, it also rebalances
your immune system overactivity by influencing B and
T cell function. In addition, this herb’s anti-inflammatory
effect is similar to hydrocortisone.

Chaga Mushroom

Not only does this ingredient have anticancer
activity, active ingredients such as Beta-D-
glucans help check your immune system’s
hyperactive state. Additionally, other compounds
such as inotodial, ergosterol and betulinic acid
have an inflammation-reducing effect by blocking
cytokines production.


This is one of the central herbs in the entire therapy
because of its broad activity in relieving stress,
rebalancing your immune system, providing you
with potent anti-inflammatory benefits and protecting
you with its antioxidant effect by boosting your
glutathione levels.


Functions as a gentle sedative. It also helps
relieve pain and irritation by inhibiting Cox-2
and blocking kinases associated with the NFkB
signaling pathway.

Indian Sarsaparilla Vine

Active ingredients such as saponins and coumarins play
the triple role of modulating immune system overactivity,
downregulating inflammatory compounds and exerting
strong antioxidant protection by neutralizing free radicals.

The Healing Gel

Protects and soothes your skin during flareups, returns it to a healthy state and prevents new flareups from happening

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Active compounds such as aloesin, aloin, and
emodin work directly on your lesions exerting
marked anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
activity. In addition, aloe vera gel has also shown
to have antimicrobial activity against many
types of harmful bacteria.

Organic Coconut Oil

Besides its excellent moisturizing properties, the
medium-chain fatty acids present in coconut oil als
give it impressive antimicrobial activity. Olive oil also
functions as an effective anti-inflammatory agent
that reduces your skin’s sensitivity to irritants.

Organic Oregano Oil

With remarkable antibacterial, antiviral and
antifungal activity, this particular ingredient
helps defend you against pathogenic threats
that your skin is vulnerable to during lichen
simplex chronicus.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Besides balancing your skin’s pH, this ingredient also
helps boost oregano oil’s anti-microbial properties.

Boswellia Serrata 70% Extract

Once particular active compound in this ingredient
called AKBA (Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid) has
such incredible anti-inflammatory properties that
it extends beyond the top layers of your skin and
into the muscle tissue deep below. Furthermore,
Boswelloa Serrata also supports the elastin and
hyaluronic acid in your skin to improve its elasticity
and firmness.

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient works in synergy with Boswellia Serrata
to regenerate tissue damage your skin experiences
during a flareup by stimulating its collagen and
elastin production.

Vitamin C (0.5% Ascorbic Acid)

Not only does Vitamin C have potent antioxidant
properties, it also reduces hyperpigmentation of
your skin and support’s hyaluronic acid’s ability
to boost your skin’s collagen production.


It reduces the urge to itch by preventing the release of
histamines. Quercetin also reduces skin inflammation
and redness while restoring your skin’s barrier function.
Finally, this ingredient’s antioxidant activity also
protects your skin from UV induced damage. Thanks
to recent evidence, quercetin is now emerging as a
notable anti-skin cancer substance.

Retinaldehyde 0.1%

This clinically proven compound plays many
therapeutic roles in the Healing Gel formula.
It prevents skin discoloration by preventing
melanocyte overactivity (hyperpigmentation)
and also improves melanocyte migration
(hypopigmentation). In addition, it also helps
repair any dermal injuries from flareups by
enhancing cellular turnover and prevent
scarring by replacing the damaged collagen
with healthy collagen.

The Peeling Gel

Reverses the lichenification of your thickened, leathery lesions and returns the appearance of your skin back to normal

Lactic Acid

This alpha-hydroxy acid has powerful exfoliating
and antiaging effects on the skin. It has a dramatic
effect on the appearance of your lichen simplex
chronicus lesions and can restore a smooth skin
texture. Lactic acid also helps reduce any skin
hyperpigmentation that you may have experienced
as a result of your flareups.

Salicylic Acid

Lichen simplex chronicus is a condition that is marked
by noticeable acanthosis (thickening of the epidermis)
and hyperkeratosis. This beta-hydroxy acid that works
as a keratolytic agent that safely resolves both issues,
helping restore your skin’s appearance and
composition to normal.

Organic Jojoba Oil

As the hydroxy acids begin to peel your
thickened epidermis, this ingredient restores
your skin’s moisture by hydrating it. This new
moisture rich layer of jojoba oil also provides
continuous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial benefits to your treated lesions.

Organic Olive Oil

As the hydroxy acids begin to peel your
thickened epidermis, this ingredient restores
your skin’s moisture by hydrating it. This new
moisture rich layer of jojoba oil also provides
continuous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial benefits to your treated lesions.

Manuka Honey

Traditionally used to soothe skin irritation caused
by eczema and psoriasis, this ingredient has many
benefits for lichen simplex chronicus. Manuka honey
acts as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
liquid bandage that guards your skin surface and
keep the inflammation down while the peeling
agents carry out their function.


This is a numbing agent which ensures that your skin
doesn’t become raw or sensitive during this stage of
your therapy. By reducing your skin sensitivity, this
ingredient helps avoid triggering the urge to itch
because of skin irritation.

3 incredible products, 24 remarkable ingredients and
1 powerful therapy that brings your lichen simplex
chronicus under control quickly, safely and permanently.

Try the Lichenil triple-action therapy today and permanently break-free from lichen simplex chronicus:

  • Immediately soothe your skin irritation and itching
  • Soothe and heal the any injuries to your skin
  • Return your skin’s appearance back to normal
  • End flareups quickly and prevent new flareups
  • Bring your overactive immune system back to balance
  • Guard your skin with strong antioxidant protection
  • Relieve stress, nervousness and anxiety
  • No more worries about how your skin looks
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I can’t thank you enough for this product. It has rescued me from the sheer torture of lichen simplex chronicus

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About Lichenil

We are a small and driven research firm that highly specializes in
developing effective lichen simplex chronicus solutions. That’s it.
That’s what our core expertise lies in and that’s what has led our
extensive work day and night for 7 years.

When we first began studying lichen simplex chronicus and saw
how it was approached by the medical community, what we found
was frustrated sufferers that were living in anguish because the
current therapies were simply failing them.

Ever since then our goal was clear – to relieve the pain of as many
LSC sufferers as possible and help them overcome a condition
that has stolen so much from their life.

That’s why our efforts eventually led us to launch a comprehensive
triple-action therapy instead of another run-of-the-mill topical
cream or ointment. We simply did not want to leave anything to

We are proud to say that by addressing all 14 critical goals of the
lichen simplex chronicus treatment, Lichenil has become the most
advanced therapy on the market today.

What’s more, our drive to serve the LSC sufferer doesn’t just stop
there. We offer unmatched support in the form of our world-class
customer service that is LIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We
urge you to talk to our staff by chat or phone and you’ll see
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But nothing shows how convinced we are about our product’s
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Our Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

You’ll love Lichenil or we insist that you ask for your money back.

We are so confident that you will be amazed by how well our product works that we back it
with an equally extraordinary guarantee.

Give the Lichenil therapy a try completely at our risk.

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with it, simply return the product and for a full refund.

No Questions Asked. no fine print.

You’ll have 365 days from the time of receiving the product to reconsider your purchase.

Here’s our 24 hour toll free number where you can request your refund:

1.800.364.5473, (+1.212.344.4344)

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24 hours a day. 7 Days a week. 365 Days a year.


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